Lađa marathon

"Lađa" Marathon

second Saturday of August

is an amateur sporting competition, a race of traditional, autochthonous vessels of the Neretva river valley called "lađa".

Art zen festival

"Art Zen" Festival

one week every summer

Artists from around the world are invited to show their talent and bring life to grey façades or abandoned factories and houses.



last weekend in July

an event that presents Neretva gastronomy and the traditional way of making Neretva brudet.


"Melodije hrvatskog juga"

Music Festival - every summer in August

Melodies of the Croatian South is the first festival of light music notes launched in independent Croatia. It was initiated by Jozo Mušan with the help of several enthusiasts. The festival has a strong Dalmatian sensibility and love for nurturing Dalmatian chanson.



every summer in August

world championship throwing espresso cups away. It takes place on the "old bridge" in Opuzen, from where the competitors show their skills of throwing espresso cups far away into the Neretva.